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About Sun Royal

Positioned for strong growth in the Canadian textiles market, Nova -Tex Industrial Ltd. of Hong Kong has opened a subsidiary in Canada operating as Sun Royal. Sun Royal specializes in tailor-made fabrics with assigned function and performance. Fabric research and development is performed in Shengzhe, Jiangsu China with testing performed by third parties. Ownership is controlled at the knitting and weaving facilities with commission dyeing partners close-by.


The strain on global supply chains throughout China have had a positive impact on our ability to source materials and produce functional fabric in Taiwan and other production partners in the Far Eastern countries.


This elite technology and expertise in making specially blended cooling fabrics has been granted a certified patent No. 2,932,144 by the Commissioner of Patents, Canada. The extended USA application is in progress.


Partnership agreements have been reached in Japan, Malaysia, Canada and USA. Multiple agreements may be executed within any country.

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